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Trailblazing in the cannabis industry since 2014, the members of Highlite Group bring experience, knowledge and professionalism to this budding industry.  Building and expanding a brand can be an overwhelming process for many companies.  Our team was created to "liten" the load of our fellow peers and colleagues.  We offer a wide range of services from taking an idea from concept to reality to giving a brand its voice and deserved shelf space and notoriety.  We are public relations, brand ambassadors and marketing gurus here to assist cannabis brands in making their mark.

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Services We Provide

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Brand Identity

Our marketing experts meet with your team to discuss all aspects of your brand and/or product(s) being brought to the Nevada Cannabis market including your company’s mission & goals to create a comprehensive brand identity package including the following:


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Brand Voice

Budtender Training, Dispensary Popups, Press Releases, Print Media, Newsletters, Social Media and Industry Buzz Events

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Market Research

Every market is unique and price points can vary widely based on geographic location.  Highlite Group has a comprehensive understanding of the cost of raw materials, production, distribution, fulfillment, and commissions as well as industry standard wholesale and retail pricing.  
With this knowledge, we are able to help companies set their price points for highest profits in line with market standards.  Let our team of professionals help guide your company on the best price points for your products. 

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Brand Ambassadors & Sales Support

Need a professional sales support team with deep roots in the Nevada cannabis marketplace?  We have you covered.  Each brand receives 1-2 dedicated brand ambassadors who are capable of introducing your product to the marketplace, sampling and training budtenders, doing customer popup events and promoting all of your products to the buyers.   Each customer's needs are unique and your brand ambassador team will be customized to meet your specialized needs and desires.


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